Let’s Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Edition, Ch2 (16p) Released!

Released Feb 18th, 2018 by Illuminate Scanlations. The next chapter of the lighthearted manga that teaches you how to play the Pokémon TCG!

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Not much to say about this one. It’s a fun series, and even if you’re not into the TCG you’ll probably enjoy it one way or another. Look out for Chapter 3, coming soon!


Yo! President Trap-kun – Ch1 (7p)

This one was released way back in the 4th of July, 2017 by GRS. It’s a strange series that pokes fun at Trump.

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To be honest, I can’t say I’m proud of having worked on this one; at the time it was funny, but now it’s kind of embarrassing. Either way, I won’t be doing any other chapters beyond this one, sorry. Hope you enjoy this one, though.

Let’s Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Edition, Ch1 (12p) Released!

Released today, Feb 9th, 2018. A new series that’s 11 chapters deep and still ongoing! Learn to play the Trading Card Game (TCG for short) with this lighthearted manga.

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This is my first project working together with Illuminate Scanlations, and we’re planning on doing the rest of the chapters as well. I did not translate this chapter, but I did a TL-check and QC. I TL’ed Ch2 tho, and I’ve started working on Ch4. I learned a ton of stuff while working on this project, mainly thanks to all the great tips I received from a friend in IS. Looking forward to working on the rest of the chapters with them!

Mecto Amore 44p Oneshot Released!

Released today, February 4th, 2018! This one was a challenging and rewarding project.

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We’ve been meaning to do this one for a while, but with the help of You’re Welcome Scans we were able to get this one done. It’s an action, sci-fi comedy about a world filled with nothing but robots! It’s very cool and stylish. Here’s to doing more great work with YWS!

Pink Mermaid V2 Ch24 Released!

Just released today! Hope you like it! You’ll notice that it’s also available to read online via GRS’ online reader!

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I’m planning to finish Pink Mermaid V2 sometime in the next couple months, depending on the other team members’ schedules of course. Haru Akebono hasn’t released Volume 3 just yet, but when that comes out, you can bet I’ll be working on it as well!

Machamp’s 24-Hour Champ Police!! 10p + Machoke Movers CM (subbed!)

This is a short 10p oneshot of the Champ Police! A gag manga featured on this site run by the Pokémon team themselves: キレてる!カイリキーGYM. We’ve also translated the Machoke Movers CM! Check them both out at the download link below:

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I learned a lot from my friends on these, they were fun and simple to work on!