Magnolia 12p Oneshot Released!

Thanks to the suggestion and help of a good friend, we managed to release this short oneshot. It’s a sad story about the love between a boy and a tree, who were there for each other in their times of need. Be ready with the tissues!

Download | Read

Also, you may have noticed that Golden Roze Scans now has its own reader! It’s a work-in-progress, but it’ll make things more convenient in the future.


Pokémon Remix – 35p Oneshot TL’d!

I just finished translating this one yesterday! This is another manga based on the latest Pokémon movie, and it focuses a bit more on the lore (specifically regarding Ho-oh). In addition to the 35p main oneshot, I also did the bonus “Pikachu & Ash’s Hat” manga (12p), which is a cute short story focusing on Pikachu.

Not sure when these 2 will be released, but “Pikachu & Ash’s Hat” will likely be released sooner.

Pokémon Promo Manga #2: Get Fired Up, Marshadow – Oneshot, 29p, GRS – Released!

The long-awaited 2nd oneshot by Kemon Kawamoto released today, October 16, 2017! This one is also promoting the 20th Pokémon film that was released worldwide on November 5th, 2017. It’s been out in Japan since July 15th, however, and seems to have done well. Anyways, here’s the download link:


This one saw some delays (mainly due to life getting in the way) but thanks for being so patient with me. This oneshot also marks the start of more regular releases on my end, as I have more time now to work on projects. I hope you’ll look forward to them. Also, if you liked this oneshot, check out the first promotional manga, which I also translated!

Izayakaku – Vol 3, Ch19 TL’d!

This series had been on hold for a while due to simply not having a translator available to do it. While I have been on hiatus for some time, I’ve finally gotten the chance to get this done. It seems there are 25 chapters total over 4 volumes, which means we’re getting close to the finale. I wouldn’t mind continuing to translate it till the end as it’s an interesting historical drama, a genre which never really grabbed my attention in the past.

TZA Izayakaku Main Page

Blue Giant – Vol 2, Ch 12 & 13 Released!

Blue Giant Chapters 12 & 13 were released by GRS on September 12th & 17th, 2017, respectively.

Ch12 Golden Roze Post | Download Ch12
Ch13 Golden Roze Post | Download Ch13

I’ve been on hiatus as far as translating goes due to personal issues. However, starting today I’m able to get back into it, and I was met with the nice surprise that my TL’s of Blue Giant were released a mere couple weeks ago. It makes so me happy to see my name on a credits page, especially when the project turns out so well-done (shout-outs to MistaL).