A list of all the projects I’ve finished translating. Some will not be available until typeset, but I’ve included links to the ones that are available for reading or downloading.

Golden Roze Scans:

Holiday Runner – Kochikame x Golgo 13 Oneshot, 14p

Funny Temptation of Amaama-kun – Ch1, 2 & 3

Blue Giant – Ch12-16 (V2)

Pink Mermaid (became licensed) – Vol 1 Extra Chapter, Vol 2

Yo! Trap-kun – (Trump) Oneshot, 7p

Pokémon Promo Manga #1: The Beginning – Oneshot, 32p

Pokémon Promo Manga #2: Get Fired Up, Marshadow – Oneshot, 29p

Magnolia – Oneshot, 12p

Machamp’s 24-Hour Champ Police!! – Oneshot, 10p


Illuminate Scanlations:

Let’s Play the Pokémon Card Game! Sun & Moon Edition – Ch1 (QC)


The Zero Alliance:

Bladed Words – Oneshot, 16p

Distorted Dual – Oneshot, 39p

Tete a Tete – Oneshot, 40p

The Prime Minister’s Poison Taster – Oneshot, 50p

Thumbelina: Another Side – Oneshot, 8p

Uniform Wars – Oneshot, 16p