Hello! I’m Ceph! I’m an American, born in ’87, and I love manga, anime and games. Having spent 8 years or so self-studying Japanese in my spare time, and having spent 2 years teaching English in Japan, I felt well-equipped to begin translating Japanese text at an intermediate level.

So I looked into it and found opportunities online with scanlation groups, volunteer-translating only unlicensed manga (meaning manga that hasn’t been officially released in the US). It wasn’t until 2017 that I started translating manga online, but I feel my skills have improved greatly since then.

The groups I’m currently a part of:

Golden Roze ScansGRS

The Zero AllianceTZA

They really helped me learn the ropes and gain an understanding of what the work entails. Between the two, I keep a constant queue of material to work on. Along the way, though, I’ve worked on joint projects with groups like Fallen Syndicate, Shoujo Sense, and You’re Welcome Scans.

Here’s a sample of my work (click to zoom):
The Cephect

Thanks for reading! If anyone would like to ask questions, offer work or perhaps request help, please use the Contact page to reach out to me!