Pink Mermaid V2 Ch24 Released!

Just released today! Hope you like it! You’ll notice that it’s also available to read online via GRS’ online reader!

Download or Read Online

I’m planning to finish Pink Mermaid V2 sometime in the next couple months, depending on the other team members’ schedules of course. Haru Akebono hasn’t released Volume 3 just yet, but when that comes out, you can bet I’ll be working on it as well!


Machamp’s 24-Hour Champ Police!! 10p + Machoke Movers CM (subbed!)

This is a short 10p oneshot of the Champ Police! A gag manga featured on this site run by the Pokémon team themselves: キレてる!カイリキーGYM. We’ve also translated the Machoke Movers CM! Check them both out at the download link below:

Download or Read Online

I learned a lot from my friends on these, they were fun and simple to work on!