Distorted Dual – Oneshot, 39p

This oneshot was released by TZA on May 22, 2017. A kind of unique manga involving a cat-like sword-wielding demon who works together with a young boy to thwart another demon who’s been causing mischief in the town. Each has their own motive, but alone they can’t hope to beat him.

Original post: Samurai Kitty!

Download link: Distorted Dual

No, the title isn’t misspelled. The original manga is called (with an alternate pronunciation) 「歪の半神」 “Hizumi no Dual”, and to avoid spoiling the plot, we’ll just say it refers to the two main characters. This was one of the first manga where I was presented with different options for the terms to be used throughout the story; I ultimately went with the easiest-to-understand translations to avoid confusion. While I’m confident in my work, the proofreaders did an excellent job adjusting words to make sure we found the most natural sentences for the final product. This is the 2nd in a list of oneshots I’m helping TZA get done, hope you like it!


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